Since inception the mission of Rainbow Bee Eater has been to play a role in the shift from fossil fuel based energy to renewable & sustainable energy while enabling supply of low cost Biochar.

ECHO2, the first commercial technology of Rainbow Bee Eater produces low cost syngas from organic residues such as crop and timber 'wastes' that are burned or land-filled today. The by-product, Biochar, locks up carbon.

Rainbow Bee Eater Process Diagram

Rainbow Bee Eater Process Diagram

For industrial users of natural gas or LPG, the cost of syngas from your Rainbow Bee Eater module is likely to be ~$0/Gj.
— Peter Burgess, Managing Director

What We've Achieved

  • Jun 2016. Complete ECHO2 Prototype testing in WA

  • Jun 2018. Glenelg Council Vic commissions feasibility study as announced in Leader News

  • Feb 2019. Featured on ABC News and ABC Landline

  • Mar 2019. Commission ECHO2 Commercial Module at Holla-Fresh, SA

  • May 2019. ECHO2 featured in Green Industries SA Circular Economy video

  • Sep 2019. ECHO2 featured Finland Biochar Study Tour

  • Oct 2019. RBE hosting ANZBC19 Green Triangle Biochar Study Tour